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BLACK FRIDAY SALE Of Word Search Books

Given that these books are mainly for the US American public, it seems appropriate to adapt to local customs. For this reason the publisher of the American Sign Language Alphabet Word Search Books (uff… what a name!) is doing an impromptu sale today. Hint: there will be another one for Thanksgiving, but NOT for the [&…

Alphabets for Download

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Version 01       Direct Download The two charts below are the ones that are downloaded most often for classroom situations. They are for A4 pages, so if you are using US-letter sized pages, choose the “print-to-fit” option on your printer. If you are looking for more color variations and charts op…

Work In Progress

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Current status: In queue for first draft. Acknowledgements: – Links: –…

Additional Material

3D-LM003-005US-A01-E1 978386469-017-4FI
108 ASL Word Search Puzzles / Apply for advanced reader’s copies (ARCs)

We will not be doing a big launch, but we will work with a group of advanced readers.   ****** CLICK HERE TO APPLY FOR ARCS ****** Together with the publisher, I will be introducing ARCs for the upcoming word search book. An ARC is a free “advanced reader’s copy” for the purpose of gathering [……


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I had a dream! … 2006 erhielt ich von meinem damaligen Arbeitgeber die Möglichkeit, einen Kaderurlaub zu nehmen. Die Entscheidung war sofort gefallen, dass ich diesen in Mexiko verbringe. Meine Liebe zu Mexiko resultiert aus meiner früheren Heirat mit einem Mexikaner. Etwas Sinnvolles auf die Beine stellen wollte ich sc…