So it goes

World MapAfter announcing fullheartedly that I would be posting one fingeralphabet each weekend the unevitable happened – life rolled and messed up my schedule. As long as I do not announce anything, things usually go just fine, so I should really learn and stop talking about my plans.

Last week I was away for 6 days and ended up in Flanders! Brought a smile to my face when I saw the flag that I had just used for the last fingeralphabet.
Then I came back and my office was flooded with work, which had to be dealt with. And after this was done – tataaaa! The taxe forms are due again! So I am working on that right now. Some things just come with a red flag attached to them.

As for the Mexican fingealphabet, there is really not much missing. After the last check, I just have to adapt a couple of arrows and one hand sign will have to be changed slightly. That is not really work. Work is to do the layouts, the thumbnails, and program the download page without making a mistake by associating the wrong files. A lot of copy&paste between windows and really no use to do that when I am tired.

So to make up for the lost weekend, I will prepare two fingeralphabets this week. But “shhhht!”, you did not hear it from me, ok? You know how life rolls when I announce things. Better to keep it quiet and just work on it.

By the way, I am posting small updates on Facebook. It is mainly a test. And you can do something there I have not as an option here: post comments. So feel free to do so.

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