Update October 2012

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In the last weeks I have mostly been working behind the scenes with LegendaryMedia Publishing, where the manuals and extra KIDS Series are going to be published. There is a lot of set up to be done and it is extremely time consuming. BUT at least it is work that can be done without requiring feedback from others – which is still one of my main issues concerning the release of the free manual alphabets.

This winter I will change tactics a bit. My aim is to get at least 2 more free Fingeralphabets out this year, if not more. I have a lot of material done and sitting here, waiting to be released. But I still need the approvals. Sorry for that, but I cannot release material without the official thumbs up, even when I know that everything is correct. That is part of the deal on Fingeralphabet.org.

But I have some ideas up my sleeves and have been communicating with some very involved members of the deaf community to check if they (the ideas) are as interesting to them (the deaf community) as I think they might be. So far I have only gotten positive feedback. Even though it will not be free material but additional material for children. So if I do not get any more relevant feedback in the weeks to come I might even get these books done for christmas. Whatever works out will have its positive aspects.

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