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If you find a shop (online or not) that is not listed here, it is most likely selling pirated material. I would be EXTREMELY thankful if you contacted me with the information to be passed on to our lawyers.




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Official CafePress Shop


  • the official CafePress SHOP
  • English language
  • lowest prices!


CafePress Marketplace

Achtung: DEUTSCHE Shop-Umgebung, jedoch viel teurere Preise als im offiziellen Cafepress-Laden!!!

  • designs used by Cafepress
  • German (and more) languages
  • substantially higher marketplace prices! (sometimes nice offers)




ds_spreadshirt_logo-grossBIS ZUM 4.2. // 100% VERSANDKOSTENFREI!
Gutscheincode: HERZILEIN

This German shop is not totally set up yet.

  •’s official Spreadshirt shop
  • German language
  • German location – shorter delivery times & fewer delivery costs to German customers




This shop is being set up right now.
From what I see so far, I am already loving it! Beautiful products, albeit a tad more expensive than the other shops.

Unfortunately, it seems to only provide a very crude price control tool for our side.
I’ll have to check that again.


Background Information

Why Merchandising?

During the last 8 years, no company has approached me to buy license rights for merchandising. It is understandable. Not only are we dealing with a niche target group, but also with an extremely fragmented one: Almost every country has at least one individual manual alphabet.

Still, once in a while someone asks for a mug, a shirt, a button … And I always found it sad to shrug and say that there was none. At least none with’s drawings.

There are two reasons why we are changing this now:

  1. I was counting on commercial licensing fees to finance in the first place. But nothing came of it. Now LegendaryMedia, the publisher, will offer the merchandising for along with the reference books.
  2. There are new print-on-demand possibilities today that were not available a couple of years ago. Even though the prices are a bit higher than for mass-produced merchandising, the quality is astounding! With the quality of today’s print-on-demand, it is now possible to offer good products to target groups regardless of their size!

I intend to make this into a win-win situation:

  • YOU get products that you hopefully like
  • finally gets some founding

The better I understand your wishes and needs, the better for all of us.


Why not selling directly?

At present is not selling anything directly – only via the companies listed on the top of this post. Simply put, would not be able to handle the fulfillment.


Why different shops?

Three reasons:

  1. Our target group generally has language issues. Different shops come in different languages.
  2. Depending on where you live, delivery times & fees might be wildly different from shop to shop.
  3. Even with similar products (like mugs), layout, prices and temporary offers vary from shop to shop.

Some of the companies offer similar products.  They all look a bit different. And each company has a different price structure and royalty system. Not all can be controlled the same way by & LegendaryMedia. Depending on the shop and the price of the product, will make somewhat between a couple of cents and a few EUR on every product sold (about 10-15%). That is not much, but that is the price for having someone else do the fulfillment – which we could not handle ourselves.


Outlook and Special Offers

I will try to add designs on a regular basis and check on new possible products for you.

If you want to keep informed about new products AND have me pass you on coupon codes and special offers from the shops above, please sign onto the mailing list. This is important because I do not want to overdo the commercial aspect on this site. I am happy to be able to point you to places where you can buy merchandise. And I am excited that merchandising exists at all! But first and foremost is about free international manual alphabet charts for non-commercial purposes. And it is this aspect that I hope to finance by providing merchandising that you can love.

Let me know what you think!

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