What is Fingeralphabet.org?

Fingeralphabet.org is a private project aiming to provide reliable, ready-to-use illustrations for international sign language alphabets. The material is free for non-commercial purposes.


Who is Lassal?

I am a professional artist who, amongst other things, develops concept design for international agencies and corporations. These companies are able to pay what is necessary in order to obtain something valuable for themselves and their respective clients.

But I am aware of the fact that not everything that is useful is cheaply obtainable or finds someone willing and able to pay for it. Let alone someone who pays and shares with others.

I, therefore, decided to adopt this topic, that goes so well with my job description, and to dedicate part of my free time to provide illustrations for free basic manual alphabets. My point here is to work specifically to help private people and non-profit organizations that normally would not be able to afford these services.

You can find some of my professional websites with more information about me here:

Lassal (Photography)
LassalMedia (Concept Design)


The Purpose

The sole aim of this site is to provide high-quality manual alphabets – from as many countries as possible, as correctly as possible, for as many people as possible.

These images currently come in 300dpi and are licensed under a Creative Commons 3.0 License. Please read the term of this license carefully.


The Beginnings

It was one postcard design that actually initiated the finger-alphabet project. The idea of having a website for free downloads evolved from the cheerful reception the postcard got from colleagues, family, friends and those who got to see it in advance. More precisely the idea evolved from what I saw and heard from the local deaf community, where I had the illustrations revised.

The postcard per se was rather basic – simply due to time constraints.
The second round of layouts, that came a little later, let to more alternatives. I left the original postcard on the site mainly for nostalgic reasons.

You can have a look at it if you follow this link.

The postcard’s first appearance was at the Frankfurt Bookfair in October 2006, where it was distributed for free.


The Future

After analyzing the feedback from the first version of this website, I decided I had to make things much more complex for me if I wanted to have it easy for others. So to do this project right and to really reach as many people as possible, a number of things had to change:

  • every country needs to be addressed individually
  • easy navigation and visual explanations
  • people need examples of what can be done with the material to get inspired
  • not individual signs, but finished layouts (private people are generally not equipped to do their own graphic design)

Obviously, I am not quite there yet. Not by far. But I am working on it. One step at a time.

My dream is to fill up this information gap once and for all and to provide as much as is needed for basic worldwide education and communication. The only drawback being that you will need to go online to get it.

There will even be a possibility to acquire the rights for commercial purposes – the money will help to finance the site and the research, which amounts to considerable costs.

Apart from that …
… if you have anything to comment concerning the sign language alphabets or further reference material, please do not hesitate to contact me! I will try to read and answer all the messages I get, even though it might take a while here and there.

Most of the material you see around on the internet is not for free reproduction and quite a lot of it is relatively near to impossible to decipher (if it is correct at all). I am therefore always looking for further resources and reference materials. If you happen to have or know of additional material I could rely upon, I would be glad if you could pass me the information along via email. There will be no copyright infringement on my part, as I am merely using 3rd party material as a reference for my very own illustrations.

These are the completed and approved sign language alphabets.

These are the sign language alphabets I am currently working on.

Thank you very much for your time and attention,

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