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After getting a lot of requests regarding additional forms of publication, I am happy to inform you that I founded LegendaryMedia Publishing to do exactly that: provide additional forms of publication for those who would like to have more than the free PDFs on this site.

Due to understandable reasons, no traditional publisher was interested in taking over this task. They were particularly uninterested in “competing” with the free information on this site. If I had been in their shoes, I would probably have thought the same.

But now, with the alternatives of print-on-demand and ebooks, it is possible to offer products and services that could not be offered before, if you are willing to do what needs to be done. And this is good.

I have founded LegendaryMedia Publishing in 2011 to do what no traditional publisher wanted to do before:

  • To offer the fingeralphabet manuals despite of this website.
  • To offer manuals regardless of country and market size: Liechtenstein with its handful of citizens deserves a manual just as the US deserves one, and just like any other country in the world, regardless of size, income, language, history and location.
  • To offer the books for reasonable prices, and indefinitively (hopefully)
  • To offer additional material for children. Material that hopefully makes them feel special in a good way.

A publishing company, even if only a small specialized one, is something different than this pro bono project. It needs to pay taxes and fees, high VAT rates, obide to publishing laws (like fixed book prices in Germany) and fulfill a lot of obligations. So I am still working things out and it is moving slower than expected. But it is moving into the right direction.




The first series I am concentrating on, is the BASIC series, which will be the neutral manuals.

I opted for a simple layout (so you can see it well on a small cell phone display!) that shows a sign from two angles. In addition I was repeatedly asked to include a short introduction explaining the difference between a manual alphabet and a sign language and their functions – and I did include it now. There is also a short instruction on fingerspelling. But the focus is on the illustrations. You could go without the text.
The signs will show the manual alphabet and the numbers 0-10. Each sign separately from two angles AND in a short separate overview.

See some samples of the layout below:


3 times F


I am including the signs for the numbers 0-10. And believe me, they come in incredible variations!
But with 0-10, actually with 0-9 you can (worst case) just piece a large number together, so that should be ok.

The books are already available for Kindle and if you download the free Kindle Apps, you will be able to see them on almost every device.
LegendaryMedia already got an account for the iBookstore and for Kobo and for PoD, and it will be available there soon.

You can find out about availability if you click on the manual you are interested in, by going here. I will keep this page updated.


3 times 6



I am currenty putting a lot of thought into the Kids Series.
And I am not doing it alone, either. I am actually working with kids on this and I welcome international school classes to cooperate by commenting on previews and characters. As an international concept artist I know that kid’s tastes vary from country to country, so we will need to find a compromise here. I also know that kids will not necessarily love the same as their parents. So maybe I simply come up with a parent’s version on top of it.

If you are a teacher and you think your class would enjoy to participate, please contact me. It actually does not matter if the children in the class are hearing impaired or not. I would love to see children in general being interested in this. I want them to find this cool and to feel special.




One of the strange things about business is, that you often need to start one in order to get the information necessary to do the numbers.

Thus I withheld the information about LegendaryMedia Publishing here on this site until I was sure it could work.

I startet LegendaryMedia Publishing with the material for two books that I had sitting in my drawer: one text, one illustrated, and both in German. With these two books, that had nothing to do with the Fingeralphabets, I went through all of the procedures that were available to me at that time, basically to test the conversions, the software, the costs, the time it takes and the professionality of the people involved in the process. And while I did my number-crunching I was amazed to see that these two lonely books actually sold copies, despite not receiving the benefit of any marketing campaing whatsoever.

The result is that I will continue to publish books not belonging to the Fingeralphabet Series (= diversification on a small scale). I will do that in the hope that they might help to finance the whole idea. It might help me to avoid looking for funds in other places, and that would be a good thing. So if you want to help to spread the Fingarlphabet Manuals by helping LegendaryMedia Publishing, go and buy any of the books and spread the news. That would be wonderful!

Thank you.


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