coolKID Preview A

coolKID A

I was debating if I should let the half-gloves on or show an unobstructured sing and decided to go a bit into “real life” with the illustrations – leaving the half glove on on purpose.
As a busy cowgirl, she would not take her gloves off just to tell you something, would she? Right. Same goes for fingerspelling.

To make good for it, I’ll have another illustration next to it, an illustration depicting a larger version of the sign without interference. So you will alwas get two versions at least. If the sign is complicated, I might show more versions, even.

Why I am doing this? Welllll …. we have our space Kids, too, and Superheroes and all kind of situations, where you simply would not take gloves off to sign, right? And in real life, too, things sometimes are not 100% ideal to see. So the coolKIDS will be showing the signs as they “happen”, and the gloved versions will show the pure version. I think, combining both, we get a good package.

I’d love to hear what you think about it.



Fingeralphabet coolKIDS

The coolKIDS illustrations are part of a project for children who are confronted with the sign language alphabet at a later point in their life.

There is a lot of material out there for very young children, and then there is the more neutral material for adults. So far I have seen little of interest between these two aspects, especially not for young people in the age where hero figures become more important and self valor and self-esteem are questioned for the first time.

I hope that the coolKIDS manage to fill this gap in a meaningful way, by providing material that celebrates the hand signs as something cool to know for kids of all backgrounds. A knowledge, that is supposed to make you more rather than less interesting.

TTwo digital books are being prepared right now by LegendaryMedia and myself: a German and an American version of the Fingeralphabet coolKIDS.


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