Fingeralphabet cool KIDS: Mermaid

Fingeralphabet Mermaid teaser image


Fingeralphabet coolKIDS – The Mermaid Series – was announced a while back on this and other sites.

After many meetings and test-illustrations I am happy to tell you that the first ebooks with the German and American manual alphabets will be coming out this autumn. Yipiey!!!

The rest of the available manual alphabets will be added until Christmas.

However, no print versions are planned at present times.
This decision is mainly based on the fact that our rather small target group requires the publisher to use print-on-demand services. Unfortunately, the color PoD books are still either of bad paper quality or too expensive in unit-costs.

So, instead of charging a lot of money for books of rather mediocre paper-quality we are opting to wait for better terms. It might happen in 3 months, in 1 year or in 3 years, we do not know, but we know it will happen eventually, as more and more large and small publishers are shifting their production processes towards print-on-demand.

I think it is worth to wait a bit.
I hope you agree.

And here you can meet another coolKID from the series. If I am not completely mistaken she lives in Texas. But I might have mixed that up somehow.

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