GebärdenSache 2/2012, Austria

GebärdenSache – Zeitung für Gebärdensprache, published four times a year, is an Austrian magazine for the Deaf by the Österreichischer Gehörlosenbund ÖGLB.
Its first issue dates back to 1947.




GebärdenSache 2/12 featured one of the very few It was published after the Austrian Fingeralphabet was ready and up for free distribution and it helped to spread the word – for which I was very thankful.

In the interview I was asked about my (Lassal) motivations in doing this project, the difficulties, and joys of it. It was one of the few times I get to talk about the process and how it came to be. And the only time I was asked to have pictures of myself (and my working space AND my dog!) included.

Thank you for the opportunity to explain about!
I have permission to insert a transcribe.
I’ll try to do so in the near future.

Find out more about the magazine here (in German).
Check out Fingeralphabet Austria / Österreich and download a free PDF.


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