How to recognize a coolKID ?

Fingeralphabet coolKIDS – the little cowgirl



Who is a coolKID?
She is one.

There are others.
They are very different and yet they are all alike.
They are family.

They come from Earth, Heaven or beyond. They live among us, some in the open and others rather not so. Some prefer the oceans, others the cities, the clouds, the forests, the deserts or the space. Some are from now, others come from the past or from the future or are joining us from parallel worlds. Some love to skate, others prefer to ride their horse or to listen to music. Some inhabit dreams and others prefer reality. Most are human, some not so much. Some see more than others, all know more than most. All are unique. All are individuals.

They are all special, just like you are special.
They are all heroes, because they decided to be themselves and to do what needs to be done.
And they recognize each other when they meet.

How they talk?
They use silence.
They sign.
All of them.
Even though some might talk at home or at school – when they meet, they sign.
No exception.

They taught each other.
They always do.

Looking at you, I wonder:
Are you not one of them?
I think you are …

Can you sign yet?

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