Coloring Picture #04 (Schokolade, DGS)

Happy Easter 2013!

Download it (click on the image to start the download). Print it. Color it.
Enjoy it!

Then, if you want:
Show me your colored artwork on Facebook and/or Tumblr!’s Tumblr account is completely new, and as yet not really nicely set up, but at least it is there.

By the way, this image is a bit of an exception, as it is neither showing a letter from a manual alphabet nor a composite letter, like ILY. This illustration goes back to show our Brazilian friends from LiLibras/Facebook, how the DGS Version of chocolate goes, after they have provided us the Libras version.
Check it out, it’s fun!


Want MORE?

Go here to check for more coloring pictures.
It is a new feature on this site. I will be adding more images in the future.

Lassal for - Schokolade, DGS

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