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Contact Info

Media Queries & Other Questions

Review Copy Requests of eBooks
LegendaryMedia Publishing
Susanne Tuttlies


Project Info

Project Specs


free international manual alphabets for non-commercial purposes

Date of start
2006, interrupted between 2008 and 2011 for practical reasons (waiting for more organizations to go online), project resumed in 2012


It is a one person organization. But the work would not be possible without my ever increasing list of expert consultants.

Privately financed by me.
Donations in 2012 <20EUR

Support system
A growing number of individuals are starting to support by spreading the word and helping with contacts.
It would be impossible for me to do this without them in a timely manner. And I am very grateful for their help.


Project Description

Short form copy for blurbs etc. (±300 characters) is a pro bono project aiming to provide reliable, ready-to-use illustrations for international sign language alphabets. Not only is the basic material free for non commercial purposes, the project is also providing the content for reference books for libraries and research.


Dates & Facts

Germany has approximately 80.000 deaf citizens. In addition, another 230.000 recognized severe handicaps are attributed to hearing loss and speech issues. 19% of the German population over 14 years of age is hearing-impaired (13.3 million), 7.2% (958.000) to a very severe degree.
According to WHO and the World Federation of The Deaf, over 360 million people are affected worldwide, which corresponds to 5.3% of the world population.

Almost every country has its own variation of the sign language and sign language alphabet. Some countries have more than one. Belgium, for example, has 8 different sign language alphabets.

Source: WHO
Source: Deutscher Gehörlosenbund e.V.
Source: Deutscher Schwerhörigenbund Landesverband Schleswig-Holstein e.V.


Fun Facts

How long did it take to finish the first Fingeralphabet?
The first one was Fingeralphabet Germany, which got the whole process going.
1. Version: 2 months (for the bookfair)
2. Version: 22 months (including finding suitable contacts and getting useful feedback for the material)

How many Fingeralphabets did you manage to finish in 2012?

Average amount of emails written for every Fingeralphabet so far?

Average amount of time it took to finish one Fingeralphabet (before 2013)?
9 months.

Most helpful technical development for this project?
Internet and webcams.

The most complicated letter so far?
Definitively the P – I have a file that currently contains 52 rejected P-Illustrations. At a later point, I might make a poster of them for me.

Biggest obstacle in contacting people for the project?
Online contact forms.

Biggest help in contacting people for the project?

Which are the most downloaded Fingeralphabet-Layouts?
The very reduced, white one is the biggest hit. Closely followed by its exact opposite, the rainbow-colored one.
In third position are always the layouts with the national colors.
This goes for all countries so far.

Which was the image downloaded the most in 2012?
The Spanish national flag.


Product Info

Product Formats

Free PDFs: PDF
Sign Comparisons, Coloring images and additional material on JPG Manuals: mobi, ePUB and (soon) print.


Product Images

You can simply download and use whichever Fingeralphabet-PDF you would like to use.

If you would like to mention the manuals, below you will find some images that might be useful (please contact me in case you need additional/other material or different sizes). For this material, you might want to link to LegendaryMedia Publishing.

Fingeralphabet Deutschland eBookFA-DE-CH-ATv1-cover-frontFingeralphabete-002Fingeralphabete-003Fingeralphabete-004


Lassal Info

Full bio

Short Version (300 characters)

With a background in economics, computer science and architecture, I have now been working in the field of visualization for over 20 years. Parallel to my work, I am focussing on my pro bono project and helping to start up the publishing company LegendaryMedia.



You are welcome to use these images of me. If you click on the image, it will pop-up a larger version. You can then click the “Download This Image” link to save the photo to your own computer.

I am the copyright holder for both, the photograph and the illustration.

Lassallassal illustrated by lassal


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