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Download “Suisse Romande” (Swiss/French) Alphabets (V.01)!


Fingeralphabet Suisse Romande Version01

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Additional Material:
  • In case you want to support this project and you are looking for further material concerning this manual alphabet (illustrations depicting the signs as seen by the viewer and as seen by the signer, includings signs for the numbers 0-10), additional material will be made available soon.
  • I hope to be able to provide a French version of this text eventually.


Language Facts:

Switzerland has more than one official language, and each has a slightly different manual alphabet:

  • Switzerland / German
  • Switzerland / French
  • Switzerland / Italian (no contact yet)
  • Switzerland / Rumantsch [sometimes also transcribed as Romansh, Romansch Rhaeto-Romanic or even Romance etc.] – I have not found anything about this manual alphabet yet, if it exists at all.



Thanks to Fédération Suisse des Sourds SGB-FSS for providing reference material for and revision of the Swiss/German version.
My particular heartfelt thanks goes to Laura Teodori for her invaluable help (and for trying to make sense of my french).



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