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Yesterday I had a quick look at the download statistics of the German alphabets – which were the first ones up – and for a brief moment I was surprised: the stripped down, simple white version was the one with most fans (22% or more than a fifth of the downloads!).
On a distant second place came the complete opposite: the rainbow-colored one (V13 = 7%), closely followed by the variations of grey (G01, G02, G03) and the first row of rather dark plain colored ones.

Was I expecting anything specific? Not really, besides being surprised that so many people preferred the white version (but then, it is toner friendly, right?)
I specifically put so many variations up because I had no idea what people would like to have. And as preference might be country specific, I will continue to give plenty of choices.
download preferences GER01

Some of the layouts only joined the group several weeks after the launch, like the flag-colored ones. Even though I liked the gradients better, because they do not interfere so much with the hand-illustrations, it was the one without the gradient (F00) that did best.

I will try to include flags or flag colors in the backgrounds from now on. But unfortunately it does not work for all of the flags. So at times I will have to fall back on color gradients after all.

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