Currently Contacting Organisations of the Deaf

World Map

If you are working in an organisation of the deaf, you might be getting an email or a message via contact form from me sooner or later.

This has mainly two purposes:

  • I have to siff through a lot of reference material with questionable provenance. Sadly, I am only an illustrator and not an expert on manual alphabets. So in order to make accurate illustrations, I need someone trustworthy to tell me which material I can safely rely on. I am trying to find such people by contacting the respective Organisations.
  • Once the fingeralphabet illustrations for each country are done, I am seeking a final review, just to make sure that all is fine.

If you consider how fast things spread via the internet, you will see how important it is to focus on getting the information right before uploading the manual alphabets for distribution.

I have currently 10 finished alphabets in the pipeline. Ready to go but for a final verification. I did send requests out for each individual national organisation. I hope to hear from them soon.

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