Announcement: New Free Layouts

fingeralphabet glove layout


Announcements are a tricky thing. If whatever you announce is too far in the future, too many things can still go wrong or simply change to challenge the expected outcome. The trust of your audience might get lost during the process.

As a person who comes up with new ideas every day I know announcements can be a dangerous thing:

Should you fulfill the expectations of an old announcement despite the fact that you had a much better alternate idea along the way?
Some would say yes, but I do not think it is generally a good idea. If something that looked correct at one point turns out to be incorrect or inadequate later, one should seriously consider leaving it be. Life is simply too short.

So I decided not to announce too much too early any longer and just to show whatever I have already done instead of dreaming into a possible future.

Most of the times I manage.

So … I’m announcing something today, but then again, I actually have it done.
Kind of.

As it is, I did work on New Zealand’s sign language alphabet the last couple of days. The “glove” version was done and I thought it might actually look interesting if the black dots were orange. Well, it did not work so well due to contrast issues, BUT then it did not have to be orange and so I tested some more and now I will not only have the first version of the Kiwi Fingeralphabet up, but also some additional layouts for you to download.

And I like it. I hope you do, too.
I even did some test prints here and they look neat.

Whenever I find time now, I will add these versions to the already existing fingeralphabets. It will take some time, obviously, but I will get there eventually.

That’s the announcement.

And even though I do have New Zealand’s fingeralphabet done (as you can see in the image above) I have not had the time to program the download page yet. Will do so this weekend … Yeah, another announcement. I told you that I am constantly challenged by them.



It is saturday evening now and I finished programming New Zealand’s downloadpage.
Only the glove-layouts out so far. But they actually print well also on an old black and white laserprinter. I tested it.

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