News Update for July 2013



Fingeralphabet UK / NZ / AU

I finally got around to prepare the fist versions for the Fingeralphabets from Great Britain, New Zealand and Australia – BUT I have no final approval yet, so I will have to let you hanging a bit more.

These sign language alphabets use both hands, just like the Turkish one, only different. The Indish manual alphabet is close, but also different in some areas.

I am using the “gloved hands” for the first release again, even though I do have all the signs illustrated from the front and from the back. It is just that I am not completely happy with these illustrations anymore. In a very hard to describe way they were not “neutral” enough. And once I am unhappy with something I might as well throw it away – regardless of the work I put into it – because my disapproval will only increase with time. So I accepted the fact that I will be redrawing them. Maybe, though, I will change the style slightly, too.

The gloved version will be out as soon as I have feedback and a thumbs up. The illustrated version – just like the manuals – will have to wait until I have my next week of holidays. Make it “10 days”, because work is already piling up here (US, Brazil, The Philippines, Suisse Romande … and everything that is still to come)


Additional Distribution Channels

It was something that needed my attention and my time, even though the work on the Fingeralphabets is suffering a bit because of it. Still, what use are the manuals if people cannot find and get them?

One day I might deliver everything solely from the shop on the publisher’s website, but for now it would not be convenient to any of you – it is still too expensive to set it up properly for international buyers. In addition only few people know that exists (this is the next issue I will need to focus on).

So the month of July was, similar to the month of June, devoted to setting up distribution channels – something I shoult have done a year ago, but never got around to.

Amazon, Kobo, … all fine.

Google Play
I have some books up there and am not happy with the platform. I think, so far no one has used it to view any of the contents, either, so I am letting it sit there and am observing the situation. If aynone really wants to use it, please give me a shout via email. Otherwise I am not bothering too much with it now.

Finally everything is listed correctly in the store. Even though they were not happy that my name is just … ONE (!) name, which always causes problems and is one of the worst decisions I have ever made. But so it goes. It is in my passport, so now Apple has accepted it as a valid name. So far, so good.

That is a German eBook store that sells mobi files, ePUBs and PDFs. I have mobi files and ePUBs up there now.

That is a B2B distribution platform, that will get the books into the rest of the shops (Telekom PagePlace, Hugendubel, Mayersche etc.etc.etc but also Barnes & Noble). It will take some time until the files trickle down and reach each destination, but we will get there eventually.

Go to LegendaryMedia’s website, choose the manual you want to get and there will be a list of links to the respective distributors.

Next on my list will be the libraries. I have a impressively high stack of contracts to read through – not everything fits to’s publications – but we have some good possibilities.

The main issue is obviously, that we need more than one book for the respective markets for the library systems to become interested.’s setup – with the single manuals for each country – is a bit of a disadvantage in many aspects, including community building AND library systems. But the coolKIDS will hopefully give me a hand here.

Speaking of which …



The coolKIDS

I know you are waiting. I am sorry. These little guys are quite a lot of work.

Or, to put it differently, the technical aspect is a lot of work. I do not want to make them just for the iBookstore, even though I would love to have enhanced ebooks. But we do not have the means to make 5 versions for each book, either.

Ebooks and the possibilities that come with it, are becoming more and more elaborate, but today, still, we will have to keep it fairly simple if we want to make books for more than one market.

So the first versions will be rather minimalistic, with no extra animations. And that makes me a bit sad. Still, things are evolving fast and hopefully we will be able to add a more advanced version somewhere in a not too far away future. Right now, nobody really knows where this future is heading and it is all guesswork. So we will see what comes and will hopefully have the means to come up with something great.


Fingeralphabet coolKIDS – the little cowgirl




I just agreed to the publication of 2 different sign language alphabets in two separate academic publications – and I am looking forward to read them myself. More on this, when they are out.

In addition, there will be a huge article focusing on inclusion in the next JUNA, the magazin of the Bayerische Jugendring BJR. There will be some signs of the German sign language alphabet included – and I drew an ILY sign just for the occasion.  😉

Thanks to Gisela Knobel, sella design, for reaching out to me.






I defined a page for on Google+.
Trying to update all information there right now, which is going to take a while.


I added additional accounts for Pinterest a while ago. I am keeping it updated as I go (but only with original


In addition to Pinterest, I also added a Tumblr account recently. I have not really figured out what to do with it. We will see.

Coloring Pictures

I added more downloadable images in Share it / coloring pictures.
Check them out and have fun.

Sign Comparisons Across International Manual Alphabets

Most people are not necessarily interested beyond their own national manual alphabet. And that is absolutely understandable.

For the amusement of the rest of you, I started a little series over at’s Facebook page, where I am showing different signs for the same letters side by side.

You can find the whole collection of sign comparisons here (I am continuously adding to it).




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