Production Plan for 2012

World MapNo promises here, as the amount of my spare time for the alphabets is highly dependable on my work assignment situation. But I hope to be publishing one alphabet a week until the end of the year. Probably around the weekends.

So far I have enough manual alphabets in work to fill up the production plan for 2012 (not all are listed in the work-in-progress section yet), and I adopted a first-come-first-serve procedure, to make things faster. Nevertheless, sometimes I have a hard time getting back to the organisations for a final approval of the work – which, as I said, is a prerequisite for me to publish the alphabets. What happens then is that the specific alphabet gets back in line and I finish another one first. So maybe I will have a totally different set of alphabets ready by the end of the year than planned? Who knows?

The next one to be published will either be Austria, Luxembourg, or France or the US. Still working on the two handed versions for Britain, New Zealand, Australia … It is a bit more work to do them (= double as many hands).

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