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Fingeralphabet Switzerland / French Region / Suisse Romande

Fingeralphabet Suisse Romande Version01Alphabet Manuel de Suisse Romande has been sitting on my disk and waiting for me to get around to finish it for a very long time. So I am glad I finally got the download files online!

Many thanks to the incredibly friendly Laura Teodori of the Fédération Suisse des Sourds SGB-FSS, who went through my experiments with the French written language without missing a beat (It has been a while since I had it at school). She was tremendously helpful in getting this manual alphabet ready for the rest of you.

Go here to check it out! And please pass this information on in case you know someone who could use it.

Supplementary material will be out as soon as time allows.




Mother’s Day Supplement

Lassal for Fingeralphabet.org Coloring PictureMother’s day (and Father’s day in Germany) just came and went – and I added some more coloring pictures to Fingeralphabet.org:
Click on the image to get to the category. There you can download the full size images. They are A4 size, so they are pretty large.

In case you want to share your (or your kid’s) final artwork, to show me how it turned out, attach a small file on our new Pinterest and/or Tumblr and/or Facebook account.

I might even do a version of my own if I find the time.

Gebaerdenservice.de in Berlin is planning to organize a kiddie coloring partie with our illustrations and told me about it. This made me think of providing non-easter material, too. So, stay tuned for more.



GERMANY / Landschaftsverband Westfalen-Lippe

LWL-Fingeralphabet Museumstour
Last year, I was approached by the management of the Landschaftsverband Westfalen-Lippe (March 2013). The year 2013/2014 their organization, and with it their 17 amazing themed museums, will be providing a free service for the Deaf community by offering free sign language (DGS) tours at their locations. It is already happening! So you might want to check it out – it’s really cool!

Fingeralphabet.org provided the manual alphabet which is now also printed onto one of this year’s Museum-Tour-Passes and in the catalog. The catalogue version is a nifty postcard that can be used separately. And it is looking really neat.



GERMANY / Aktion Mensch

AktionMensch LogoThose who followed the event BÄÄM! Der Deaf Slam, already know that Aktion Mensch is actively engaging with the Deaf Communities in Germany. A team of Aktion Mensch will now be touring Germany along with the REWE-Family Day while organizing small (and free) sign-language courses amongst other things. They will also be passing out lots of flyers with the German Fingeralphabet (German manual alphabet) from Fingeralphabet.org.

And I think it is kind of neat that they actually called me to ask beforehand. It means I can now let you know about it and maybe the one or other additional person will find it’s way there. If so, make some pictures, please!


Here is the schedule:
01.06. Hamburg, Heiligengeistfeld
08.06. Köln/Bonn, Airport
29.06. Bad Vilbel, Festplatz Kurpark
06.07. München, Theresienwiese
13.07. Mannheim, Maimarkt
03.08. Berlin, Zentraler Festplatz

Always between 10am and 7pm.




Cool KIDS – Mermaid

Fingeralphabet Cool KIDS - Mermaid
It has been a long testing period with several variations of this little mermaid being evaluated by my wonderful test groups from all over the place and it made me realize a couple of things:

  • I am not going to find a figure that every kid (and parent) will like.
  • If I want to speak to more people, I will need a larger variation of figures for the Cool KIDS manual alphabets.
  • These figures could be seen as little evangelists: each and every one will have their very own following – some a larger one, some a smaller one.
  • Parents want to prevent their kids from scary things while many kids really, really like scary stuff (ghost trains, tunnel of horrors, scary fairy tales like Hansel & Gretel or Snow White, … HARRY POTTER!!!)

So I guess I will spent less time testing in the future and spend the time and energy producing new material.





I defined a page for Fingeralphabet.org on Google+.
Trying to update all information there right now, which is going to take a while.


I added additional accounts for Pinterest a while ago. I am keeping it updated as I go (but only with original Fingeralphabet.org-posts).


In addition to Pinterest, I also added a Tumblr account recently. I have not really figured out what to do with it. We will see.

Coloring Pictures

I added more downloadable images in Share it / coloring pictures.
Check them out and have fun.

Sign Comparisons Across International Manual Alphabets

Most people are not necessarily interested beyond their own national manual alphabet. And that is absolutely understandable.

For the amusement of the rest of you, I started a little series over at Fingeralphabet.org’s Facebook page, where I am showing different signs for the same letters side by side.

You can find the whole collection of sign comparisons here (I am continuously adding to it).


Handsigns for O in the British and American manual alphabet


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  1. Gregory says:

    i wish 2 say a big thank u 2 GNAD 4 giving us the oppttouniry 2 learn SL..i must say it has really helped me alot.for the 1st tym i was able 2 communicate wit the deaf at work. hope more training wil be organised.

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