Update August 2012

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So, this is just a quick update.

I have not gotten any feedback on the manual alphabets that are out there for revision. Everybody is still enjoying their summer vacations, as it seems. And that is good, too. We all need to fill our batteries from time to time.

So I decided not to spent my energy getting on people’s nerves because of it. This project will take more time than estimated, but that is ok. Why? Because I am adding material as I am getting along. So nothing is lost. Everything is merely more spread out.

Fingeralphabet.org was originally supposed to come up with the free basic material – a pdf for every official manual alphabet there is – and nothing more. There were no manuals in the equation, no ebooks and no print. Basically, because I needed a publishing environment for that, which I, personally, did not have. And this kind of project is of no interest for a traditional publishing company, that needs it’s cash flow to survive.
I was therefore concentrating on getting the free manual alphabets out. I was hoping to finish 30 of these in 2012, but due to the slow feedback that will not really work out.

BUT there is a publisher in the game now: LegendaryMedia Publishing.
And this opens new possibilities. It does not alter Fingeralphabet.orgs vision and aim, but adds to it by providing material, that would otherwise simply not exist.

So I came up with not one, not two, but 6 different concepts for children’s books with manual alphabets. Albeit I am not sure I will be doing all of them, and possibly not all of them for all the countries, either. I will start with two of the concepts – one aimed a bit more at girls, one a bit more at boys (which is which should really be up for every child to decide by itself) – and then I will check if the kids like it. Basically, I would LOVE for them to find that it is cool. I definitively want a coolness factor in it.

So to be able to test this, I will go for larger markets first. Otherwise it would take forever, I fear.

While I wait on feedback for the free manual alphabets, I can get the rest rolling. Not that bad, is it?
I hope, not.

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