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GebärdenSache (64, 2/2012)

I just got a copy of GebärdenSache (64, 2/2012), an Austrian magazine for people who use sign language in Austria. It includes a nice article about the work on Fingeralphabet.org and its quest. It also includes a very … um … interesting set of portrait photographs of me. A last minute solution to compensate for a missing high resolution portrait. I have been so used to work without people caring who I was, that I actually did not have but a stern looking passport portrait of my own. And i had not even noticed! After all, Fingeralphabet.org is not about me, I am just the one doing the work. So I hope you can smile with me when looking at the portraits and then just concentrate on the text.

When I think back at the time last year, that I spent working on the Austrian Fingeralphabet (which you can have as a free download here on this site – or, with a bit more information and the numbers 0-10, via LegendaryMedia), I realized how important it was to be able to work closely with a supportive organisation. 80% of the signs are usually easy to do while 20% of the illustrations generally require some feedback and corrections. As I had to learn the hard way, getting feedback can take forever, or it can take a few days. It totally depends on the people I find, on their generosity and insight.

So let me thank Ms. Pernkopf and the rest of the service team at the Österreichischen Gehörlosenbund again and AGAIN for their kindness and support – and of course for the opportunity to talk about Fingeralphabet.org in this article and to shed a bit of light onto the process.

Fingeralphabet KIDS

Concept & Request for Feedback

To supplement the free manual alphabets on this site I am working on additional material for children. Currently, I have three different concepts on the table and am releasing some material for the first concept, really hoping to get some feedback on it. The point being, I am doing this for YOU, so if you have thoughts about it, this is your chance to let me know before the books are designed and out. The illustrations might be done for the German version, but I could still go in there and change a whole lot of things. It is important for me that it fulfills YOUR expectations and needs. That is my main aim. My second hope is that it might spread among hearing children as well. I would love this!

  • I announced it here on Fingeralphabet.org.
  • There is a Facebook page, where I would welcome you comments.
  • The announcement on LegendaryMedia (also in German if you click on the little flag above)
  • And then, not yet done, there will be some more interesting stuff on my personal site Lassal.com (like some coloring pages for kids). I hope to announce it next time.
  • And there is Twitter … But I have still not gotten around to get used to it. I’ll try, I promise. Meanwhile, if you want to “help” me there, please feel free to do so. I’d appreciate it enormously.
  • You can always write me an email via contact [at] fingeralphabet [dot] org.

So if you have a preferred platform, I hope I could provide some alternatives.


New Imprint for Manual Alphabet Books

Main Walk Books is LegendaryMedia Publishing’s new imprint that will carry all the various manual alphabet books, including the straight forward manuals as well as the Fingeralphabet KIDs series.

The name has to do with how the concepts came to be.

I live and work next to the river Main here in Frankfurt. And I have a dog.

Book concepts usually come to me quite naturally while walking the dog along the riverside – I always carry a small notebook with me and my iPhone for voice recording and quick photographs. That is all I need. And that is how the imprint’s name came to be. The logo being a stylized map of our usual walk (which takes 1-2 hours, depending on the route).

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