Update June 2012

World MapJust in case you are wondering why I have not been posting new material. I am waiting for the revision and approval of the material I have sent out so far. I cannot really control how long this takes. There seems to be a lot going on right now: conferences, summer camp preparations, etc. So I guess these mid year months will be rather slow. Sorry for that.

Meanwhile I am getting a lot of feedback on the material I have out so far and I am glad to tell you that everybody seems to be very happy with it, indeed. No changes so far. Thumbs up all the way.

If you look, I have the comment section activated under this post. I was getting so, so much spam throughout my many websites, that I had turned most comment sections off. I simply did not have the time to wade through the mess every day.

But I had the Akismet Plugin installed recently and I am really, really happy with it. So let’s try!

I know it will be difficult, and I do not expect many comments, really. Not every person feels comfortable in reading & writing English. So this will not be for everyone. And most people will probably still prefer to write an email, which are more private than comments. But see, my native language is not English either, and I am sure I am filling these pages up with spelling mistakes of my own.
I hope you understand my motivation for using English as the main language here. This is just a small website for my private obsession. So there will be compromises.

The important things are the manual alphabets, not the texts. And you can navigate to the manual alphabets via the flag system. So worst case you will need very little language skills. If I find a better way of doing this in the future, I will adapt.

And I am still getting a lot of requests for additional material. Especially for kids. Oh, and yes, a lot of people do not seem to be so very fond of e-books. So I have been asked if there would be a print-version of the additional material out, too. I was seriously not considering this alternative so far. I have not done the general math yet to see how expensive this would make the books. Because you have to consider that you find FREE pdfs with the manual alphabet on this site. And you can print out the pdfs. So why would you want a book? Yes, it looks nicer. Yes, it has the signs from two angles. Yes, it has a set of numbers, too. But it that enough? I am not sure. But as things are so slow right now, I might take the time to check out the possibilities.

Remember, though, the manual alphabets here are free for your personal use. Print a bunch, if they are out in your language already and pass them on to friends and family. Seriously, it is so much fun to use the manual alphabet, even if you are not deaf or hard-of-hearing! And it is sooooo easy to learn. Really easy. Take it from me. I learned it as a kid along with my friends – just for fun – and it was great! So, so many ways to use it. And along the way it is a (small) bridge into a parallel world that is totally fascinating! It is not “less” it is “different”, and there is a lot to learn in everything you meet that is different. For both sides. The alphabets are merely a narrow bridge, but they are a bridge nonetheless.

Be curious! Enjoy! Learn! Make friends! And pass it on …

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