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I hope you like the new Look&Feel of this website.

After 6 years of gathering information and waiting for the worldwide deaf communities to establish lively online communities (necessary for my research), it became obvious that I needed a new more flexible website. The revamping is not finished yet, but I hope you agree with my decision that it is better to have the website accessible albeit not yet complete, instead of having this place offline for an indefinite amount of time.

Despite having been on hiatus,’s content (the German sign language alphabet) was accessible throughout the last 6 years. The material was downloaded several thousand times.
It was used for governmental projects and included into several traditionally published books and press articles. It was used by theater groups, schools, kindergardens (we had beautiful posters made by knowledgeable parents), international NGOs (who needed just a few signs, and could thus use the German ones), churches and many, many private people.

That is, obviously, only what I happen to know of.

Now the times have changed. The online communities are thriving and the time seems ripe to reactivate
The main purpose has not changed. I have merely gathered more data and discarded some of my naivety. Which is a good thing, if I want to reach the project’s aim of providing all of the world’s sign language alphabets for free.

This website is not the priority – it merely serves information and distribution purposes. My present focus is on the fingeralphabets (sign language alphabets). So I am keeping the work on the website to a minimum. I will complete it along the way. Like any active platform, this website will be a never-ending work in progress.

Main Improvements so far:
– Navigation via national flags – to help those who are having trouble with the English text.
– Downloadable files are now fully designed, ready-to-print PDF-files in several color variations. Apart from from a free PDF-reader, no additional software and knowledge is necessary.

If someone still needs the individual signs, please contact me.

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