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I have had so many requests for additional entertainment for kids, that it made me aware of how little there is.
Not being an expert in the different sign languages out there, I always felt bad in having to decline.

The only thing I do are manual alphabets.
I have them revised and approved. I illustrate them myself to avoid any kind of potential copyright issue when making the posters available for free download. I am a professional concept artist and have been for many, many years. I know how to do these things. You could say I am an expert.



The times are changing

More information is found online, and that is a good thing. Looking at the download statistics, the free posters are doing just fine. Lots of downloads.

The statistics for LegendaryMedia Publishing, though, tell me that there is basically no (more) need for additional reference books. There seems to be enough material out there on the web to fulfill the general needs. And then there are the free posters found on many places (and here) for the rest.

It is true, that there are countries where there is a lot of material, and countries where there is practically nothing. But this distribution also reflects technology. So it is a better decision to invest in alphabet charts, that can be printed and hung on the wall, than ebooks, which will need some sort of device to be accessible.

I guess I wanted to do a really good job at it and found myself running into a dead end. Happens.

The publisher decided to discontinue the publication of new Fingeralphabet reference books.
This means that the old ones will stay, but that there will be no new ones published.

And I am fine with it. I am actually glad about it. Relieved.

Fact is, that I put thousands of hours into the first books, fully aware that I would never get any remuneration. Whatever was sold, was too pay for the ongoing costs of keeping the books available (there are several yearly fees for a publisher to keep each ISBN in the catalogues).

The decision to not publish new manuals due to a lack of demand frees me from investing additional thousands of hours of my life. And I am glad. Sad too, yes. But mainly glad.

Still. There is a slight vacuum. And I do not want to leave the field without another experiment.
In this case, I am addressing the question of entertainment & fun. And I know there is a need. I have been told about this need for the last couple of years.

So there we are.
I have a green light from the publisher to start this experiment with a handful of books.



Word Search Puzzles With The American Sign Language Alphabet

If the experiment works out, I’ll be adding more titles, and I’ll also be adding some different languages. If not, we will stick with these and I will continue to do the free posters for this site but no additional books for LegendaryMedia on the topic of Fingeralphabets.

The main difference here is that I created a specific fontface for these books. Something that could be printed in rather small scale and still be readable (althought the scale for the kid’s books is larger). For the time being, as requested by the publisher, this fontface is not licensed out.

Some notes to these books.

  • The pricing reflects some of the discount for bookstores & retailers, which can go up to 65% of the list price! Add taxes and production costs and there you have it. 46 pages and the black&white interior is a compromise to keep the price as low as possible despite all of the constraints. One page more and the production costs would have increased dramatically
  • Every book includes a chart (with the link to Fingeralphabet.org to download more) and a basic how-to of fingerspelling. I still hope that lots of hearing kids might find their way into this. Like I did when I was a kid.
  • One of the huge problems I always encounter when researching sign language alphabets is that, in print, many hand signs are shown from the side out of convenience (or lazyness?). This causes a lot of chaos because people do not realize the change in perspective and think that it is the correct way of signing – and it is not. You see whole YouTube videos, nicely done ones, where people are teaching others the wrong (!) way of signing. In my books, all the signs are as seen by the viewer. No exception. No confusion. No misunderstanding. No chaos.
  • With the help of word lists for schools, I chose topics for specific grade levels. This does not mean the you have to be in grades 3-5 to do these activities, it merely means that the vocabulary is adequate for these levels.
  • We had a software AND several pairs of eyes looking through the material and checking if any offensive word slipped through. We did not find any.


    ASL-Word Search Puzzles / Adjectives


    I am starting with the set of 3 that is pictured above: adjectives, verbs, adverbs.
    ADJECTIVES is the first one out. Pure coincidence.

    And Amazon was the fastest. It is not only already in their stores but already with a slight discount of 10% (albeit with me, Lassal, as the publisher, which is not right and will hopefully be corrected quickly)

    Eventually, when it has filtered through, you will be able to order this book at any (hopefully) retailer via its ISBN number.
    ISBN 978-3-86469-104-1

    Let me know what you think.

    And if you are interested in revising these books, or buy in bulk for schools or something the like, please contact the publisher at info(@)legendarymedia.de


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