Germany V.02 – Sign Variations for Manual Alphabet

German manual Alphabet – Variations for E
These “E” are basically individual variations of the same sign. If someone signs rapidly, then you will most likely find the less extreme form of “E” on the left. When you learn the alphabet you might be confronted with the more extreme variant, the argument being, that it is easier to “read” from a distance. At the end of the day, all of these “E”s are correct.

German manual Alphabet – Variations for M
While the “M” in the PDF is the version you will most likely learn in class, these two individual variations seem to be the versions you might end up with when signing fast.

German manual Alphabet – Variations for N
Same comment as above.

German manual Alphabet – Variation for Q
Here again you will find many individual variations. All the signs with more extreme change of hand & arm positions tend to be softened down a bit during every day use. They are accomodated between the sign that comes before and the sign that comes after, so to generate a flowing movement. Important is to keep the basic character of this sign.

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