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Many thanks to the various networkers and expert consulters mentioned below for providing the helpful contacts and information needed to wade through the wast material found online.
It was a pleasure working with all of you!

  • Marcelo Espinosa,
    In 2012, when I first started working on the material for Mexico, Marcelo Espinosa was the vicepresident of the Comisión de Jóvenes de la UNSM. I thank him profusely for reference material consultations via Skype and demo YouTube videos of the various signs.
  • Astrid von Reding,
    founder and head of taki mundo Mexico.
    She generously provided one of the posters issued by the Comisión Nacional de los Derechos Humanos México with the Mexican sign language alphabet. These posters are currently being used by the teachers of the taki mundo schools and proved to be very helpful.
  • Daniela Blaser,
    head of taki mundo Switzerland,
    provided a lot of additional information. She is also the author of the article about the work of taki mundo in México.
    (It will be uploaded soon)



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Did you know?

Lassal’s work on has earned her a nomination for
The German Prize for Civic Engagement 2013!

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